What We Do

We specialize in helping parents help their students learn the 12 Foundation Skills for Success before the First Day of First Grade.

We continue helping parents and students strengthen those Foundation Skills throughout your child’s First Grade year.

These Foundation Skills are critical to your child’s academic success and emotional confidence! Because of that, we have developed strategies and tools for parents to help their kids gain fluency in those skills. Through those strategies and tools, Parents become Collaborating Co-Teachers with their Classroom Counterpart, forming a solid team approach for your First Grader’s Success.

FS1Letter Name Recognition Deliberate Practice

Our Approach

We take a skills-building approach, based on Skills Acquisition Theory. Unlike some classroom approaches, Ready For First Grade uses a succinct, sequenced, and well-planned program to construct Foundation Skills by:

Introducing a skill,

Learning that skill: “what you know”

Working with that skill in various ways: “what you can do”

Only after learning, real practice begins. Practice is not learning! Practice is using a skill in both expected and novel ways (assembling and disassembling and reassembling) the skill. This builds fluency which decreases both the rate of errors and the time required to perform a task. It is the cornerstone of advanced learning.

For the kind of First Grade Fluency that builds the solid Foundation for Success, students need their parents and caregivers to work with them at home. Therefore, Reading for First Grade:

Provides Teaching Manuals and Videos demonstrating the First Grade Foundation Skills Step-by-Step in Reading, Math, Phonics,  Writing, and Grammar.

Provides Training Videos for Parents to quickly and easily learn Strategies to teach and practice those skills with their child anywhere, anytime!

Provides Technology to make the Skills and Strategies, including extensive Practice available in English and Spanish anywhere in the world and across all your devices and smart TV’s 24/7!

Additional Resources for further skill-building!